How many acres is the community of Cranston's Riverstone?
Cranston's Riverstone has 671 net development acres.
How many parks are within Cranston Riverstone?
There will be 7 distinct parks within Crnaston's Riverstone, every home in the community will be within 400 meters of a park.
How many schools are in Cranston's Riverstone?
There are 4 schools within upper Cranston - Christ the King (Gr. K-9), Our Lady of The Rosary (K-6), Cranston School (K-6), & Dr. George Stanley School (7-9).
What are the amenities at Century Hall?
Outdoor amenities at Century Hall include a 7-acre private park featuring: a splash park, hockey rink with chiller unit and Zamboni, tennis court, pleasure rink, toboggan chute, and basketball courts. Indoor amenities at Century Hall include: banquet facilities, regular community programs, events, a gymnasium, and a daycare.
Who can use the facilities at Century Hall?
Only Cranston and Riverstone residents who have paid their HOA fees. Residents are allowed to bring up to two guests per household per visit.
What are the annual residents' association fees for Riverstone?
The annual Riverstone residents' association fees for 2020-2021 are $470.40 (GST included). Annual fees are subject to annual compounded inflation increases. Visit the Cranston Residents' Association website for more information (
What are residents' association fees for?
Annual residents' association fees are put towards maintenance and upkeep costs for Cranston's Century Hall and Park. In addition to providing pristine recreational facilities, the fees are also used to maintain community features, including entryways and boulevards.
How many residents will call Cranston's Riverstone home?
Cranston's Riverstone will be home to approximately 3,500 residents.
When was Cranston's Riverstone launched?
Cranston's Riverstone will be fully built out by 2022.
Is there local shopping & retail within Cranston's Riverstone?
There's several shops and retail services at Cranston Market, a 5-minute drive or 10-minute walk from Cranston's Riverstone. Additionally, the Seton Urban District is directly east of Cranston's Riverstone.
Is there bus service in Cranston's Riverstone?
Yes. Calgary Transit currently operates the following routes in Cranston: route 133 (Cranston Express), route 14 (Bridlewood/Cranston), route 406 (Auburn Bay), route 862 (All Saints High/Cranston North), route 863 (All Saints High/Mahjogany/Cranston) and 866 (All Saints High/Cranston South) to and/or throughout the community of Cranston.